Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Kielbasa Boys...

John plays cards with a group every Thursday night.

Lucky me, I have a quiet night to putter around, watch Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, and eat buttery popcorn!

Every now and then his card group has a pot luck and he and his partner have been dubbed 
"The Keilbasa Boys"!

The reason?  He always has me make this quick snack:


I simply slice up and fry 3 pkgs of Polish Kielbasa....

....toss it with 2 jars of sweet and sour sauce and keep it on warm in the crock pot!

He brings the crock pot to cards (and even remembers to bring it back home!)

 It's even good to serve as a side dish for brunch!

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Friday, November 17, 2017

I'm anxious to plan my holiday decor....

As I begin to plan my holiday decorations this year, I wanted to keep out some of my Courtly Checked pieces....

This is my newest piece and I have turned it into a centerpiece....

...by turning the lid upside down...

...and placing a Grandin Road candle ring and battery operated candle on top...

...I turned on the candle timer and placed it on the dining table!

This is another piece I adore and I hate to hide it during the holidays:

...I bought a small Luminara candle at Pottery Barn...

...and pulled out a small candle ring from my Christmas stash...

...and turned on the "timer" so this will light every evening!

I am slowly pulling out a few decorations....have you begun yet?

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

National Bundt Cake Day....

I am getting better at baking bundt cakes...

...or should I say "better at getting them out of the pan"

...and even though I love cherry cake.....

...gingerbread is so good at this time of year!!

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

There is NO focus here....

This post is a jumble of ideas - one thing does not lead to the next....

...that's how my mind works lately!!

I was cleaning out the photos on my computer, got distracted and ended up here.

So here goes....


I have this little table that my dad bought in Italy in the late 60's.  It is actually a music box as he was a big collector..

...and I placed my HUGE MacKenzie-Childs tray on it to make a larger end table.  It worked in a pinch for company when I needed an extra end table!

It wasn't my original idea - - I saw it on another blog and stole the idea!


Just got this in the mail....do they have industrial spies in my local liquor store?

I love jewelry, but doubt I will be wearing this pin!


I am thinking about having this phrase put on a t-shirt....


I just bought this....

...I really wanted this chair, but I couldn't get Sarah out of it....

...and she looked better sitting in it!

Love my new necklace.....and yes, it is a crown, so happy someone finally acknowledged my nobility!


This is how I will spend my weekend....I will start with Tiffany's catalog and if not too depressed after perusing through it, I will set myself into a deeper depression by looking through perfectly decorated, organized homes in all of these mags:

So, there you have it....a nonsensical blog post.

I must work on staying focused!

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bon-Bons and Boutiques and Hafner's Christmas Wonderland....

Every year Baldwinville, NY holds a shop local event in November.  In the past it was called "Au Chocolat", however this year they called it
"Bon Bons and Boutiques"

Each shop offers delectable treats for the shoppers.
Olives Eatery is a cute little restaurant and boutique with many little shops upstairs:

They always have a buffet of sweet treats and wine and in this little blue house you can find jewelry and other accessories, unique clothing, home decor, baby clothes, local photographs and holiday decorations.  This huge tree was decorated in lovely ornaments:

Savvy Chick is a coop of local crafters and artists and they served chocolate cake and this delicious treat:

Beyond the Attic Door always serves a variety of cake balls and hot chocolate with Butterscotch Schnaaps!

JessiCakes had a selection of mini cup cakes and the lemon was delish!  Their bakery goods made my mouth water:

The town has a bridal shop, hair and massage salon, A True Value that has a huge giftware section, a dessert and wine bar, a cafe (which served hot cocoa made from scratch using an old family recipe), a museum and a fund raising foundation.  All served yummy treats and beverages!

is the place to go for holiday decorating, unique gifts and artificial and fresh trees!  The center is loaded with fully decorated trees and accessories!

As you enter the center, you are greeted with a huge upside down tree and a life sized artificial Santa.  The holiday decorations are stunning and the trees are decorated to perfection!

Maybe you would like a black tree....

...or a pink one...

...or a green one...

...or a wired tree filled with cardinals

...or a traditional tree filled with "woodsy" ornaments...

...or just a small tree dripping with ice?

And look at this beauty:

I couldn't afford this Santa, but I never leave the store empty handed, so what did I buy?

A great cuff bracelet....

...and this adorable snowman ornament:

If you are in the Syracuse, NY area, this is a "must see" during the holidays!

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Friday, November 3, 2017

A trip to the Motherland....

Mom wanted to go to shopping the other day!

Miss Kenzie and I never refuse the opportunity to go to MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY...

The view "coming" is almost as pretty as the view is "going"

It's always fun to watch the talented artists.....

...and see the beautiful shard trees...

...and unique lamps...

...and the lovely grounds!

We had lunch at the Fargo, in town, and enjoyed a beautiful fall day on Cayuga Lake!

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Thanks for stopping by!



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